subject line: i love him and it kills you.


charlotte, north carolina 

Tapping perfectly manicured nails on a cool, wooden table. I’ve traveled the world but have never felt so out of place as I do here. I look the part and act the part, but my soul screams.

You see me across the room and smile. Making your way over, you grab my hand and lead me to our paradise. Taking a quick look around I sip and you wash it down.

Your arm lays lazily around my waist, I want to die. Your grip becomes tighter along with your smile when you look down at my phone.

The party comes to an end, only a few wanders left.

Is this how I want to live?

This question cuts me to pieces.

You walk me to your car. We drive. You talk, but I am silent.

Gazing out the window, my phone buzzes. I glance and you frown when you read it, but a smile dances to my lips when I do.

He always knows how to make me laugh,

And that drives you wild,

That I no longer smile at you like that.