subject line: failure is an answered prayer.


mobile, alabama

his week has been crazy. My life has been silly. My heart has been racing. This love has been guilty.

Finals are finished and life is just beginning. I feel like I’m just now awakening from a 4 yr slumber. It’s crazy. Like what have I been doing with my life. Oh I know, I’ve been trapped in a box. I’ve been centered and focused on one thing, but now I’m free. Now that I’ve failed I have so many opportunities.

Failure is an answered prayered.

Now I am looking in new directions. Now my heart is beating again. I feel the love and passion flowing back through my heart. I feel the blood gushing through my veins. Once again I feel alive. It’s because of failure I feel alive.

So now I’m going to eat some waffles and enjoy life. Thanking God for another day to be a dreamer and change the world.