subject line: bad habits.


charlotte, north carolina

All the bad habits we have;

Twirling hair, biting nails, and rocking in chairs.

All things I need to kick,

But with you they somehow come out differently.

You twirl my hair, bite my lip, and rock slightly when you hold me close.

We have other bad habits you know,

Dancing without music, the out of the blue “I love you’s”,

When your thumb strokes the back of my hand when we walk, not sure of our destination.

You can over read me, but not notice enough.

You drive too fast and push it too far,

But do I stop you?

I swear too much, sing too often, and can be over protective, but yet I miss the best opportunities to be.

But do you correct me?

Bad habits are hard to break, but I hope for us they’re impossible, because I never want to lose them, or you.