subject line: an invisible line that can't be crossed.


branson, missouri 

We met in a strange circumstance. Three weeks at a summer camp. I had a boyfriend. But that didn’t stop us from making our early mornings earlier to talk of our passions. To speak of our dreams. To sip our coffee and stare as the fog lifted from the lake like the guards lifting from our hearts.

I know you. I know you love your family and you want to have one of your own one day. I know you like black coffee and big breakfasts. I know you can make friends with a stranger. I know you can look into my eyes and see my heart.

You know me. You know I overthink things easily. I get scared. I have dreams I am afraid to chase. You know I want to go to Alaska and run a marathon. You know my Dad is my best friend and March is my favorite month.

But as soon as it started it was over. On Friday night we were dancing to YMCA in tacky prom attire and chacos and on Saturday morning you were gone.

Soon after my boyfriend was gone, although he was never there to begin with. You were within reach. I called. I was ready. We can do this for real.

Your voice was familiar and kind. Your warm heart could be felt through the phone line. To my dismay, your new found girlfriend could feel your warm heart for herself.

I am just left on the other side. The other side of an invisible line of courtesy and respect that cannot be crossed.

But I stand here, waiting, holding the love letter and remembering the memories and spark you began to kindle in my heart.