subject line: less.


bridgeport, connecticut

I hate to say I came out with less. But essentially I have no other way to describe it.

When she first told me about her depression, I thought something would be said that would fix it.

It would get better. Eventually. One day. Soon. She would be better. But it’s 6 months later, and she’s at the very least the same. If we’re being honest she’s getting worse. It’s hard to watch your best friend suffer knowing you can’t don’t anything about it.

”Be there for them”. I will always there for her, nothing could change that but what hurts is that I came out with less.

6 months ago I could tell you who my friends are. Why they were in my life, and how close I was to each of them. Now it’s fuzzy. I know they’re there? Maybe? But after 6 months of putting other friendships on the back burner to be there for her I am seeing the end.

I graduate in 10 days. In 10 days I won’t see any of these people again without great effort.

That’s hard.

That’s what’s the hardest. Knowing that I spent 4 years with people who have become my second family only to have them ripped away from them because of the “G word”. (Graduation).

I’m hurt.
I’m sad.
I’m nostalgic.

And I want my fun loving, bouncing off the walls, always happy to be alive best friend back.