Subject line: forgotten & foolish.


new orleans, louisiana.

Rock Bottom. It’s not crying in a parking lot or drunk texting your ex. It’s not defaulting on homework assignments or refusing to respond to emails about the future. Rock bottom is when you step backwards. It’s making the same mistakes, and thinking it will work out. Maybe he’ll like me enough this time. Maybe this is going to be okay. Rock bottom is cuddling upon a Friday night with Dirty Dancing and pretending you’re only watching because it’s the greatest movie of all time-not because it reminds you of holding hands and midnight kisses. Rock Bottom is refusing to look forward to anything, because it’s way too scary. It’s hiding from what you want. Rock Bottom is falling apart when you realize that even on a website like this, someone gets filtered out and forgotten. I’m at Rock bottom. I’m sitting in my college dorm room crying over the boy that broke me over a year ago, a boy who thought of me as nothing more than temporary. Maybe that’s all I am. If I keep setting myself backwards, that’s all I ever will be.