subject line: I was never supposed to fall in love with you.


minneapolis, minnesota

You were a drunken kiss.

A messy, complicated, one night only.

I was supposed to have some fun, enjoy my senior year of college drinking chai tea lattes while staying up all night studying with my friends, barely studying at all. I was supposed to ugly cry when graduation got too close. I was supposed to go out on Friday nights and forget how hard being 22 really is, despite the fact T-Swift deems it to be carefree. I was supposed to enjoy my last semester, but not tie myself down to this place. I was supposed to go home.

But then you smiled. And you kissed me like you meant it. You showed me what it meant to feel cared for and respected and appreciated. As inconvenient as it is now, we are five weeks from graduation. Iā€™m jobless, apartment-less, plan-less. And I love you.