subject line: you're different.


agloe, new york

You’re different than any other man I’ve dated.

Normally they swoop in with their sweet talking and I build a case for them. I sit down for too many coffees with too many people and I list out the reasons why I should be in this relationship.

”The feelings will come eventually,” I say. “Right?”

I don’t build a case when it comes to you. I just come home to you. You’re where I feel safe. You’re where I feel at ease.

You built your life just right before I came along and I’ve been pleased to find you left a space for me. You give me the same feeling I get when driving home for the holidays— 900 miles— and I pull up to the driveway and see the lights left on for me.

You’re like the lights left on.

If I had to build a case then I guess it would be this: you choose me. Over and over, you choose me. You choose my ugly. You choose my beautiful. You choose what I know you will find attractive. You choose the things I try to hide.

If you are reading this right now:

Hi. I’m staying.