subject line: sidelines.


midtown, usa

Hey Cass,

I’ve missed you. More this Christmas season more that ever. And I just wanted to say that I’m sorry that I turned my back on you, because I didn’t understand. That could never be a good enough excuse. But that’s why. Looking back I know that’s why. So I’m sorry for leaving you on the sidelines when you could have used a friend and I stayed in the game telling you that if you didn’t play my way you wouldn’t play. I realize now that I was wrong. And I’m so sorry.
I also wanted to thank you. You always brought out the best possible aspects of me. You encouraged me to follow my dreams when I didn’t think they would ever amount to anything. Thank you for pushing me to actively pursue them. Thank you for being my biggest advocate, for fighting for our friendship even when I ignored you, thank you for being the family that I got to pick. Thank you for forcing me to see the world that I never knew existed. A world where people too their own lives in an attempt to stop the pain. I didn’t know. But now I’m here and you’re not.

I’m sorry.