subject line: a beautiful bundle.


breckenridge, colorado

I want to find a mass of people, no! a group, no! a bundle. I can work with a bundle.. a bundle of people who find joy in the fact that they are still alive. I long to find a bundle of people who would rather talk for hours than drink at the party, but will go to the party just to dance for 20 minutes. I aspire to find a bundle of people who love to be punctual, but who will sacrifice their five-minute-early reputation to return home for my sadly forgotten, superfluous thing. I desire to find a beautiful bundle of people, who are beautiful, not for their exterior, but for the vast love, joy, and peace that bellows from the depths of them and all the way out, still loud after all the ringing on their journey to me. I hope to find a bundle of people who possess the utmost love and an abundance of eccentric authenticity. I suppose I simply want to find a bundle of people, just a bundle of people who are different from the next ones to come by; who have more compassion rumbling in their bones than any others in the entire world population. I may not find this miraculous bundle, but with every fiber in my being, I will pray for this bundle to find me.