subject line: we are out woods.



So we’re here. We’re at this place between love and friendship. Lonely hearts and open hearts. We are communicating like never before. But we are here. I get jealous. You get jealous. We play with this emotions of deep down inside desiring each other and dreaming of what we could be. You are my Romeo and I am your Princess Peach. We are of two different worlds, but yet we have the same heartbeat. It’s funny how things will happen. How one heart will lead the other? You guide me and I lead you. I love our balance of circumstances and love and life. I’m blessed to say that you’re a puzzle piece I hadn’t been looking for. Something I didn’t think I would need. You came in like a flood. You crashed into me extremely hard. We have no walls except the ones we’ve built ourselves. Against each other. Slamming doors. I shut down. You shut down. We talk it out. You listen. I examine. We become. We are so many verbs. We’re Saturday Mornings and Sunday Evenings. I could spend forever with you. I realized that today, I could spend forever with you. The rest of my life being your wife and everything. I say this with the purest mind and cleanest heart, but you make me brave and bring me home. We create this love story and soundtrack all in one moment. We are what we are and we don’t try to change each other. We just embrace and let live and let love. Thank you for being there for me, when all I needed was your love.