subject line: so this is greatness.


it's real life + alabama

They don’t tell you in school, or in life that growing up isn’t what you think it will be. I mean for some it’s just like the movies. It’s a direct photocopy of their life. (Go person who’s life is like that. Proud of ya) well for some it’s way different, like completely different and sometimes we don’t know how to respond to different. There are things in life that occur and happen and we don’t know how to respond to things, but guess what we’re trying so I just wanted to say to those that are trying, thank you for trying- you are being an amazing human being. You get a gold star, and tomorrow when you wake up and you decide to try again... I applaud you.

Here’s to trying again and seeing everyday as a new opportunity to do better, change something, and become amazing. Here it is.. Thank you, that is all