subject line: when a boy leaves a girl.



There we were, sitting on your back porch talking about fate, faith, and the future, and you brought up love... Your love for me. You were so cruel In your declaration, knowing that you were moving in a month. You didn’t pressure me to say I love you back, but I could tell I was breaking your heart every second I stayed silent. Why did you have to tell me? Why did you have to make me feel guilty for just being your friend? So, we sat there in silence until I made up a lame excuse in order to leave, and when I left I intrinsically knew this was goodbye for us. Our story did not unfold like a book where I came back to you and you waited for me. And why, now that you’re gone, do I feel like I let the love of my life go? Maybe the clichéd phrase “you don’t know the good you have in your life until it’s gone” is true... And darling- you were the very best in my life.