subject line: how I got over you. Volume 16.


pickerington, ohio

I got over you by crying on the top bunk in a chilly, dimly lit dorm room while my pizza sat cold and my roommate wondered if the
sobs would ever stop escaping my chest.

I got over you by erasing every trace of you, from every social media app and everything friend that attended the same school as you. By stuffing those soft cotton t shirts that once were grasped to my face like treasures into a plastic trash bag hidden (still to this day) in the back of my closet at home.

I got over you by praising God hard for the 200 something miles that seperated my aching heart from your cold heart that was smashing it into shards.

I got over you by growing my hair long and letting my waves run crazy and free around my face.

I got over you most of all, through, because I finally learned that there were so many more things to love, like words and people and stories and places and you know what? Maybe even myself for a change. I got over you by realizing that the tiny ache in my soul missing you might always be there, but it will never define me or stop me from loving the heck out of this life.