dear you, 

this whole thing started back in june 2014. we were two girls, huddled close to a computer screen, reading through over 800 emails that had piled up during the last few months. we don't even want to call them emails-- they were pieces of people's hearts. they were ballads. and letters left unsent. and cries for closure. and the best fragments of humanity you could hope to find sitting in one subject box. 

we started reading them out loud to one another. we began scribbling them down on scraps of paper. we would print them off and pin them to the concrete wall. strangers were becoming a part of us from behind a screen. a lot of times we didn't know who they were, or what life had dealt them, but we were reading and hoping for them all the same. 

and now we are here. we just couldn't keep the stories to ourselves. we knew we wanted you to huddle close with us and take a peek at some of the things we read on a daily basis. the heartbreak. the do-overs. the regrets. the moments when we got it right. like, really right. 

so here's to you. and to strangers. here's to people in cities & states & countries we will never meet. we all want the same things. and we all want to be able to say it first.


wherever you are clicking "send" from, we're reading, 

- JC